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Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to work with several fantastic people on amazing challenges. Below is a list of the clients I worked for in the past on behalf of the agencies I worked for.

Most Recent

  • EEVE / Toadi (e-commerce tech startup) (BE, NL, FR, GER, US)
    • Set-up e-mail marketing from scratch
    • Seasonality analysis & realignment of the marketing planning
    • New facebook performance strategy on qualitative research
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Micro and ad copy writing for stopping power
    • Redefining and redistribution of budget according to branding & conversion purposes

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  • Marie-Marie (e-commerce)
    • Acquisition & retention performance strategy (BE – VL)
    • Strategic branding & advertising alignment (BE – VL + NDL)
    • Go-to-market redefinition (NDL)
    • In-depth analysis of growth & media planning recommendations
    • E-mail / CRM marketing: acquisition & profit focus
    • Realignment of the strategy due to COVID-19 governmental forced closures of store & managed to keep 70% of total revenue by shifting from hybrid (offline first, online second) to online-only (pré-summer)
    • Realignment of the summer-sale strategy due to corona – generating more revenue and higher tickets by the end of summer to focus on multichannel marketing, while the pop-up store in Knokke never opened.
    • Realigning the audience targeting as we uncovered a new potential audience.
    • Restructuring the Facebook / Instagram approach to improve effectiveness (outcome: 1/4 less spend, better response & 3x direct transactions in the weakest months of the year without the use of reduction or lower prices)
    • A/B testing visuals & creatives
    • Workshops to align offline and online services and touchpoints
    • CRO improvements on category pages, product details, and order process
    • Defining SEO based filtering vs sorting per category and product selection including labeling that matches the product families and overall communication strategy
    • Rolling out a step by step plan to improve customer communication based on RFM, repeat purchases and LTV
    • New retail store launch campaign
  • colora & Boss Paints (e-commerce)
    • Strategic & performance consultancy (VL/WL/NDL)
    • In-depth pré, during & post COVID-19 governmental forced closures of stores analysis to uncover hidden potential + recommendations (100% shift to online-only)
    • Campaigning & SEO advice
    • CRO workshop & CRO program
    • SEO clean-up and realignment of the SEO keyword cluster focus & planning
  • Retail Support Group (Exellent, Selexion, Expert)
    • Strategic performance EK 2021 campaign advice
  • Solyd (e-commerce)
    • Go-to-market & performance strategy (BE – VL + WL)
    • Visual & creative concept matching performance & marketing communication
    • in-depth Google Analytics & tag manager set-up
    • In-depth analysis for cost-cutting & growth recommendations
  • Molders (e-commerce)
    • Performance strategy (BE – VL) (new website) based on micro and macro moments concept supported by the traditional advertising channels and SEO needed steps.
  • Nutriphyt (e-commerce)
    • Performance strategy based on the sales plan
  • DL Chemicals (e-commerce)
    • On-boarding / marketing automation plan for existing customers in several markets

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Less recent

  • Toerisme Vlaanderen – De Vlaamse Meesters (indirect lead-gen)
    • Multi-country acquisition & marketing analytics strategy
    • Extensive Facebook Advertising & support for PR
  • A. Vogel Biohorma (e-commerce)
    • Acquisition approach Belgium matching with Media strategy & planning
    • Google Ads strategy screening + approach with Media strategy & planning
    • Facebook Ads strategy based on offline sales by pharmacists
    • Google Analytics & Google tag manager screening for HQ (NDL)
  • Viata – Online Apotheke (e-commerce)
    • Extensive Google Ads set-up
    • Extensive keyword research (210k) & SEO recommendations
    • Google Analytics set-up & monthly growth analysis for improvements + recommendations
  • Barco – Demetra (lead-gen)
    • Multi-country acquisition strategy for Demetra Launch event in Milan
    • Google Analytics tagging recommendations
  • Bel&Bo – Analytics (e-commerce)
    • Analysis of e-commerce growth & ad-spend reduction
  • Brussels Airport – Passenger Feedback taxonomy (data)
    • Taxonomy/labeling framework for passenger feedback
    • Stakeholder interviews & workshops
  • Carrefour (e-commerce)
    • In-depth SEO keyword research for stock handling & product buying based on seasonality
  • Flair (e-commerce)
    • E-commerce inspiration session for flair webshop & to connect the magazine with the shopping experience
  • Fundoo (e-commerce)
    • Go-to-market execution for 12 category e-commerce websites: SEO, SEA, Google Analytics incl. coaching the internal team
  • Gamegear (e-commerce)
    • Website optimization with CRO & A/B testing (end-to-end)
    • Loyalty program set-up & Google Analytics integration
    • SEO, Google Ads & Facebook advertising
  • JBC (e-commerce)
    • Maximizing the Axelle red campaign online
    • SEO for e-commerce coaching for the team: extensive key-word research, URL structure + dealing with seasonality
  • Jetair / Tui (e-commerce)
    • Acquisition, retention & improving CRM/E-mail marketing, resulting in a 40% attributed revenue (database at that time: +1.7mio) within 6 to 9 months
  • Lexus (lead-gen)
    • Customer Journey mapping based on Google Analytics & data to support decision making in advertising & UX improvements
  • KBC (team)
    • Helping with the digital candidate mapping (profiles and skills), to build their in-house agency
  • Torfs (e-commerce)
    • Uncovering e-mail marketing potential resulting in a potential 10% total online revenue
    • Building a fundamental approach towards segmented e-mailing together with CRM Consultant E. Laeremans (now CIO).
  • Medialaan VTM (now DPG Media) (strategic input)
    • Insights about ‘streaming’ through extensive keyword research to support decision making for the birth of VTM Go, the next focus for VTM Koken and indirect the only shift from linear TV to a streaming offer.

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Track record:

  • Accent Interim: online reputation management (BE)
  • Amelior: lead generation for workshops (BE)
  • Arcelor Mittal: SEO & Analytics migration + social media basics (BE)
  • Ascento (now: Agilitas): lead generation for cleaning personnel (BE)
  • Assa-Abloy: in-depth analysis for a new lead generation acquisition and remarketing campaign (BE)
  • Binck bank: an in-depth analysis & advice on the programmatic buying campaigns (BE)
  • Bozarc: lead generation for carports (BE)
  • Braem: lead generation for secondhand trucks (AFR, FR, GER, BE & NDL)
  • Carglass: CRO – in-depth analysis & A/B testing (BE)
  • Carpool: strategic & in-depth keyword research & SEO screening (BE)
  • Cars on the web (Adesa): Domain migration due to rebranding (international – 22 countries/languages)
  • Deceuninck: SEO & domain migration (international – 17 countries)
  • De Lijn: in-depth route planner analysis + analytics workshop (BE)
  • Deleye: in-depth e-commerce analysis (BE)
  • Foamglas: e-commerce digital shift inspiration session + in-depth analytics maturity & KPI workshop, reporting & dashboarding (international – 16 countries)
  • Hans Anders: custom Google Analytics & Tag Manager tracking (BE)
  • Humo: acquisition & analytics screening (BE)
  • Isabel: project manager performance & analytics (BE)
  • Krauthammer: acquisition roadmap (DE)
  • Ladbrokes: in-depth analytics screening & recommendations (BE)
  • Laserontharing: media planning & online campaigning (BE)
  • Lathu: lead generation for staircase elevators (BE)
  • Matexi: in-depth analysis & meta-data + campaign recommendations (BE)
  • Van Gansewinkel: lead generation for dump & trash containers (BE & NDL)

Older projects described in detail.

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Besides working for several clients, I’ve helped to work on several pitches. Some were won. Some were lost. Learned a ton.


  • RSC Anderlecht: activation laid-back supporters roadmap
  • BNP: performance marketing partnership
  • Casino Carousel: pre-GDPR acquisition campaign
  • DVV Verzekeringen (Belfius): CRO – A/B testing roadmap
  • Grandeco: digital partnership (build + marketing)
  • Match: digital & e-commerce roadmap

Over the years I’ve also been sharing knowledge with different bachelor classes (Artevelde, Howest, Vives business management), VOKA Oost-Vlaanderen, and in-house education initiatives at clients.

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