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11 februari 2017

During the past two years, a lot has changed.
I’ve become┬ámore self-aware then ever and have discovered a few things:

  • I’m particular good at simplifying complex challenges
    • where boiling down to a bottom-up approach is a very strong asset of mine
      as my background is very diverse
    • where I can reach up to strategic & business related decisions
      due to my practicality, my black and white way of thinking and brutal honesty
    • where I can lift people up to a next level of self-awareness, soft and hard skills (HR)
      due to my skill to see or show what others aren’t able to see or don’t want to see (status)
  • I’m hungry as fuck, although I’m very aware of particular subjects
    • There is no I in team – really, there isn’t!
    • I’m the one who can write, make and set-up the plan and/or the team needed to achieve the outcome
    • I’m the one that will challenge you and switch into other directions faster than you’ll think
  • If one sentence should describe me, this one should be it: I learn how to learn and I’m here to achieve great things
    • I scout for dots, patterns & behaviour to enhance my ability to learn & think lateral

I might be a small person, although I honestly believe I’m here to achieve great things. Hence I’m leaving this website for what it is, a kinda of biography with a, with what I think is a decent┬áheritage. I’ll be focusing on more challenging items ’cause I sometimes feel like a caged bird in my daily life/work.

I truly believe that the people who really know me can confirm this: I’m trying to be the best person I can be towards you, friends, family, colleagues and more. I want to share my thoughts, vision, ambitions, ideas and skills to achieve bigger things. I truly want to be and feel my best self. And I’m currently not. At all.

I hate the short term vision and actions of companies. I hate that money, status and thus power matters more than anything else in all media coverage, and even in business or daily life. I hate people referencing to “time is money”, although we all know its the other way around. I hate status. I just want to be part of something bigger. Don’t you?

I want to be a part of people’s life where real company shit matters. Where working towards a more compelling future for all matters. Where there is room for discussion and where talent gets a change instead of being abused or not used at all. In order to make people excel, grow and outperform themselves. And achieve things they didn’t knew they could. So they can help to create a long term outcome instead of a meaningless (short term) output.

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Thank you for reading till the end
Thank you, for your attention!



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