Supply and demand, which is largely spend-and-delivery-based rather than performance-based feeds the need for independent analytical interference.

The reality is that current digital assets are managed on behalf of aggregated data with an agency beneficial conclusion at the end of each report.

Digital transformation is about how clients move due to the current state of the internet and the access to it by devices and sesnors, medium for intent. Digital disruption is complexer. It starts with an analytical kick in the nuts. There’s a difference.

Want to transform, ask for help to agency

Want to perform and thus transform in the end, ask for help to an analytics agency

Want to innovate, talk to a market and business strategist, a product studio and let the analytics agency figure out your media spend and strategy, if you’re focused on a specific outcome.

Digital agencies, its your time to shift to a more brand or performance agency. Or stick in the new middle.

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