Help Me – You Can Ask Me ANYTHING, REALLY!

Did you know that 80% of people keep spilling ideas,
and only 20% get to execution.

Selecting the right ideas and turning them into action & executing them with the team,
i’m _that_ guy, making it happen, with the team.
One thing is sure, You’ll definitely need IT (and developers)!


I’ll keep it short & simple:
If one of your assets is Data & you’re able to think Big, you’ve got my full attention.

You can ask me ANYTHING!
About analytics, strategy, seo, sea, e-mail, .. you name it.

Actually, it really doesn’t matter what.
I’m here to help you,
in any way that I can!

I’m particularly focused on Retail and e-commerce projects
and any data-driven project.
Other questions are welcome as well.
Especially in the startup scene!

Just send me an e-mail
& get in touch to talk about your project
Or hit me up on Whatsapp.

Not contacting me yet?
I understand.
You hardly ask anything to strangers, right?

Below, you can find more about me, how I work and what my values are.
I strongly believe you need to get to know me first, to get a good idea who I am.
I would like to know more about you as well.

Who I am

I’m Dries,
born in Kortrijk (Belgium) in 1982,
and I’m focusing on helping retailers and e-commerce enthousiasts.

Why retail and e-commerce?
Because I’m dreaming of opening my own concept/store one day, maybe even abroad.
I’m super interested in everything (Omni)Commerce and the concept of running a business.

more about me here.

Why I do this

The reason why I try to help as many retailers (online and offline) as I can,
is because I see a lot of value in helping people to get better at what they do: serve their clients the best product at that given moment in time.

I’m strongly convinced that the half of the products in your home are products you don’t use.
I don’t want that. It’s a waste of resources, money and even time, in a way.

I do this so end-clients can get the best product and service they want/deserve.

How I do this

I do this by helping retailers provide more value for their customers and eventually consumers.
To deliver that value, you’ll need to use several (strategical) tactics to support your reach, the service you want to give and the resources to earn, so you can re-invest in your company to serve clients even better.

What you can expect from me

I’m a starter of things.
Most businesses are stuck in strategy and planning over and over again what they should do.
They don’t execute. I’m here to solve that problem. I will show you how & what direction you should take.

I’m starting bottom up with what you have & can reach up and all the way to business strategy, if needed.
I’m a starter of things, a team player and if necessary a team leader. I’m all-in head first with a start-up mentality.
Digital is only a means to an end, which means that your website may not be the best channel or platform to get the job done, although you think it is. You’ll never win if you conquer digital only!

You can call me whatever you want, a marketing technologist, a data marketeer, a growth engineer, … whatever.
I’m using a mix of data, marketing insights and a good portion of common sense to make an impact on your project.
Impact can be defined in many ways. Whatever you call me, I will always strive to be an associate instead of a consultant.

My time goes out to very selective reading which makes it possible to learn very fast about any given topic.
The same goes with the approach of a project. Focus is everything. And you need a goal! Where are you going, without any goal?

What I’m particularly good at

  • Detecting opportunities through data (web, crm and offline) and translate them in a “how-to” plan
  • Leading, steering and educating a team to get at a higher level through
  • Descriptive Data analysis: CRM (transactional data, personal data, …), Web Analytics, …
  • Quantative research
  • Qualitative research
  • Data planning
  • Online Customer journey of platforms
  • Referral programs
  • Loyalty programs
  • Google Analytics: Setups, Integrations with Google Tag Manager, Analysis, Education classes, KPI workshops, …
  • SEO –
  • A/B testing
  • E-mail marketing

What I would love to try

  • Mobile app analytics integration

When contacting me is useless

  • If you want me to write 200 texts to fill up your blog
    I’ll find someone that can help  you with that & joins our team
  • If you want me to translate digital campagnes and related subjects in French
    I’ll find someone that can help  you with that & joins our team
  • If you want me to run an Adwords campagne day in day out
    I’ll find someone that can help  you with that & joins our team
  • If you’re not willing to try to do what it takes to be the best in your market
    There are too many people playing in the middle. Mediocrity is not where it’s at!

How I like to work

I’m a big fan of working in a team, in-house, in your building.
It makes several things easier, it makes more things discussable and possible, the team will benefit gigantically in terms of insights, knowledge sharing and creating a forward thinking mindset.

I’m a big fan of mental models and will use several models if it these will benefit the project.
I’m particularly a big fan of the OKR model. It works really really well, for me.
I’ve been using it with clients and in my private time as well.

My values

  • If I need to convince you to invest, start or do something, I’m waisting your time.
    (You don’t hire me to convince you. You’re hiring me because you want to achieve something.)
  • You need to have a vision. Where do you see yourself and the company within the next 5, 10 and 20 years?
  • I’m brutally honest and I expect you to be the same – communication is everything
  • I will challenge you on many levels you didn’t ask me to,
    because I feel obliged to do so in order to try to do the best thing for you and your project
  • I do RCS – Real Company Stuff: do things for the customer first
  • Don’t sell crap, pls. It will backfire eventually!
  • I would choose retention before acquisition anytime

I’m all in on Value!

Ask me anything.

Clients I worked for

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