The DAT Model

Ok. This is no official model or anything.
It’s my own vision on how you can alter & use data towards a purpose.
You can use this DAT model however you want.
Here’s the thinking behind the model.

The DAT model is build upon three pilars: Data, Attention & Time.
The sequence is just chosen in function of the abbreviation. DAT sounds just better, but in fact, the proper sequence is Attention, Time & Data.

I’ll explain how to interpret the usage of this model.



Getting the attention of people is essential before transmitting the message you want to bring. For marketing and other usage, this is the most essential thing before you even can think about branding and product/service communication. Attention can be earned in several ways:

  • by bringing quality, in general, purpose
  • by considering the quantity of the messages

The quality of the message depends if you’re earning someones attention. The quantity is the amount of interactions you need to let the customer considerate your product or brand. One thing is certain, it has to be of purpose for the person you’re trying to reach. If it has no purpose in the context of that person at that moment, it will be seen as an simple annoying advertising or cry for attention, over and over again. Context is key in this matter. Where do you communicate, when, how and why? What’s in it for the customer, and so on.

Earning someones attention is hard and is build on purpose!


If you get someones attention, make sure you earn his/her time.
Time is the most biggest asset in a lifetime and even beyond generations.

Think about time in a flexible way:

  • As an investment
  • As something to be respected at all times

Respect someones time. Over and over again. No matter what. If you’ve got someones attention and they allow you to take use of their time, see it as an investment. Invest their time in a good purchase or advice. For yourself, make the exercise what time means for you? Right now, on a short term. In the next few days, weeks or even next ten till twenty years as an investment to reach a goal.

Respect time.
Don’t lose track of time, only if you’re enjoying the moment.


People’s attention and their time will result in data in any measurable or even unmeasurable way. If people take time to make sure they take the right decision, buy a certain product, take a class, a survey, … you name, it always results in intelligence for the other party. On the other hand, if you give customers more intelligence in any format (information, pictures, videos, numbers, …) they will give you more feedback than ever. You’ll earn even more their attention, their time and even get more data.

It’s a closed loop.
It’s yours to use.

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