my Bucketlist

“Gelukkig zijn is een onderweg zijn.” Fair is fair. This Dutch one-liner is stolen from my all-time favorite TV program “Buiten de zone“. There is something of truth in it. Therefore, this list. A list full of things I still want to do in my life. A man can have some ambitious things in life, not?

It’s all the fault of Mom and Dad

Daddy’s rather … how shall I write this, busy bee with anything and everything.
And our mom, our mom who tinkers things off. Our ma has been to the fashion academy and passed her insatiable hunger to me I guess. She keeps on designing hats, making handbags in leather, making her own clothes, … it probably started when she knitted my sweaters, back in the days .. you know, those stinging wool sweaters … damn.

Our dad … having an idea, he just goes for it. Few examples: he build his own oscilloscope when he was 18, and he tailor-made a tripod for his telescope as he found out that other tripods weren’t good enough. His “I can do that too or even better” mentality … G, Thanks, Dad! ;-)

Alright … I have quite a few things that I want to get done/do in my life.

A list that will undoubtedly continue to change as a grow older, hopefully, wiser, and become more minimalistic even than I already am.

Edit: August 2022; actually, everything is ok as it is. The urge to fulfill this list is getting smaller per day.


  • Start my own blog
  • Build my own chrome plugins
  • Build a Jquery plugin
  • Build my first own tool
  • Launch a startup (& fail)
  • Start my own e-commerce store


  • Learn to read lips (meh, not interested anymore)
  • Learn Mandarine (Chinese)
  • Improve my French (meh, rather learn to speak something else)
  • Learn to taste wine (not interested anymore)
  • Learn more about whiskey
  • Learn a martial art (is this really me? or do I admire the discipline?)
  • Pick up breakdancing again (getting too old for this)
  • Work/live in NY for a few months


  • Start an own music concept and give some intimate parties
  • Start a record label
  • Bring out the first vinyl on my label
  • Make a vinyl record of my own
  • Organise a label night at a unique place
  • Start a press plant (need to win the lottery for this one)
  • Learn how to master music (meh, done with music producing for now)
  • Launch a VSTi (too much out there to compete with too make something decent)

DIY & Crafts

  • Learn how to make fire like Bear Grylls does
  • Build my own desk
  • Restore an oldtimer bike or car
  • Build a mini-ramp in my garden (planned)
  • Brew my own whiskey (that won’t be easy)

See & Visit

  • Visit Google in Mountain view (don’t care anymore)
  • Visit Facebook in Mountain view (don’t care anymore)
  • Visit Microsoft
  • Visit Area 51
  • Visit Nasa
  • Visit the European Space Center 
  • Visit the International Space Center
  • Visit Longleat Safari & Adventure park with the maze
  • Visit Auschwitz
  • Visit Burning man (don’t care anymore)


  • Go see a NBA game
  • Go see a space launch
  • Go swimming in the blue lagoon in Iceland
  • Chase & film a tornado
  • Do a parabolic flight
  • Write a book (snippets here and there)
  • Have a tattoo or piercing (no piercing for sure)
  • When retired, start smoking again (meh, stupid)
  • Solve a rubics cube (don’t care anymore)
  • Become energy independent
  • Have random talks to people & record a video show and/or podcast


  • Buy a BMX & lear some freestyle tricks
  • Run a marathon (meh)
  • Walk 100km (still on my mind)


  • Drive a lamborghini
  • Drive a Corvette
  • Drive a Porsche
  • Drive an Aston Martin
  • Drive a Ferrari
  • Dump my shitty car i hate and choose something fun
  • Get a motorcycle drivers license (don’t care anymore)
  • Drive a Kawasaki W800 (café style) (don’t care anymore)
  • Drive a new Porsche for at least 6 months
  • Drive a ’52 Porsche (don’t care anymore)
  • Drive a minivan
  • Drive an American Pick up Truck
  • Ride an electric car instead of gas


  • Get a rooftop apartment in a City (maybe abroad, preferably NY) (make that a once in a while vacation rent)
  • Get another house (rather the opposite: cherish and protect your headspace)
  • Move to a place where I can snowboard any day, for a few months (don’t care anymore)

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