Use the ATCM Model!

If you’re already running an e-commerce website, there’s a high possibility you’re running some ads as well. Probably some Adwords, maybe some Bing ads even. It’s the quickest way to get traffic & get your website out there.

Altough ads are cheaper than most of the offline advertising opportunities, for that same amount of reach in mind, they’re getting more expensive every year. You can expect cost per clicks to rise with almost 50% up to 150% and even in some cases 200%, in certain niches.

If you’re paying pennies now, it’s still the most affordable way of advertising.
If you’re playing up there with the big guys, every € has to be flipped once or twice before it gets spend.

That’s why you need to invest a long the side.
That’s what’s the ATCM Model is all about.
It’s a model that translates your Adwords To Content Marketing topics & opportunities.

Great news! It works for every business.
Let me show you how

What Is the ATCM Model?

It’s short for Adwords to Content Marketing.
Plain, simple. That’s it.

It’s a model that helps you start with Content Marketing the easy way,
with the focus on what works best of your ad (in this case Adwords),
translated into topics and approach for your content marketing.

How it works

The ATCM Model is based on four steps:

  1. Define goal(s)
  2. Targeting people
  3. Generating content
  4. Amplifying reach


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How this Model Works for Adwords

First, define your goals. If you’re into e-commerce or retail, it will be cold hard driven sales. Yeah baby!
Although, other goals could be more softer goals like subscribing to an event, subscribing to a weekly newsletter, heck… even clicking on a button, if that’s is the ultimate trigger that influences the goal. That’s also possible.

Next? Target the right people. This is kinda tricky as step 3, generating content, is closely related to targeting. If the content doesn’t match the targeted people, the impact will be very small.

Targeting people can be divided into several kind of customers.
This could be a very good start. You have to fill-in the context yourself:

  • One-time visitors
  • Returning visitors
  • First time buyers
  • Returning buyers

Each type of persona, will be needing, due to an extend, tailor-made content.
You simply just can’t (yet), personalize things. If you got the cash, you can, but for now, lets leave that option aside.
Every persona needs a certain type of content:

  • One-time visitors will need extra stimulus to come back again (extraordinary content that stands out)
  • Returning visitors will need extra stimulus to compare products or services in order to persuade them to buy (why this is better if you …)
  • First time buyers will need extra stimulus why they should feel they made the right choice choosing product x or your company
  • Returning buyers will need extra stimulus to keep them hooked (stories, newsletters, tutorials, …) in order to stimulate up- & cross-selling.

Remember, the content of your ads needs to reflect those stages as well.
Actually, the content part is here the most important step of the four!

On-site content + Adwords ads = Bingo!

Once you’ve got your content up & running, you can amplify. That’s where Adwords is really good at.
Increase reach by controlling demographics, cpc’s, budgets, … and for several channels; search, display, youtube, …

How this Model Works for Content Marketing

Same thing.
First, define your goals. Content marketing will impact your sales, but indirect.
So… define goals that change behaviour. Why? You’ll need to adapt the content in order to change the metric that measures the impact of your content marketing. For instance: the flow between article x to the products category. That would be a great metric to see its impact. Also… does the content get shared or bookmarked? That’s also a great indicator that your content doesn’t suck.

Before we focus on targeting, don’t forget: Content marketing is NOT the new SEO!
You might want to read that article as well.

Ok. Targeting. Who do you want that they read your stuff?
You’ll have to find & deliver content to the people you want that they notice your product or company.
So.. it has to be good & solve a problem or answer a question. There are a lot of types of content (like link bait for instance).
Link bait could work for traffic, not for sales. Link bait draws attention, not customers.

Want really good content? Go out & research, online & offline! Talk to customers that fit your target.
Where should you place that content? On your site or a site that is straight up in the center of your future customers.

Amplifying content marketing is the hardest part.
If your content is extraordinary, it could spread itself, but you’ll still need to give the first push & many more to reach more people. Use social media to kickstart the spread or try to get a vast amount of close customers to spread the word first.

The Infinite ATCM Model

This model is infinite. If you’re business is growing & the reach increases, you’ll need to set other goals, targeting & content along the way. The things you did in the beginning will not be sufficient within the next year. You’ll need to expand your content, make it better, prettier, more compelling, more socially involved, …

It’s a learning curve.
Eventually, you’ll get there. you’ll be good at it.
Keep pushing.


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