This Fantastic thing called “the internet” comes with new challenges

I’m Dries.
I just rolled into, “this thing”, 17 years ago
& I still frickin’ LOVE it until this day!

The internet is the best thing that ever happened to me. Really! It helps me to better understand the world we live in and learn as much as I can, as fast as I can. Learning how to learn, faster, more & deeper. I stopped watching television, first the news, then the rest, and used that time to discover as much as possible in the online world.

My current focus is based on the concept of inclusive growth beyond GDP, and if possible, effective altruism. If you’re following the global challenges we’re facing, I personally think we could all bend our capacity & talent a bit more to contribute towards a better place for all. Even a small contribution.

Intelligence is a big chunk in that matter and I feel I need to be a part of that. The mix of data and an emotional connection with people to contribute to these global challenges, on a local level, is one of the things on my mind. Always have been and even more as I am a father now!

As we are facing the most challenging momentum in terms of information processing, energy creation, storage & supply, globalization under the pressure of a changing climate, and a bigger divide between rich and poor, many of us struggle to meet supply and demand in a humane and honest way, to alter consumerism in something more sustainable and to deal with the finite resources as we know it.

Too big to fail makes lots of smaller retailers, e-commerce, or D2C brands struggle to keep up with cheap and wasteful demand. They shouldn’t. I’m fully aware of that and feel the urge to help wherever I can. Help them to supply for a better world (product, people, planet, profit). From Click to Brick to Stock, improving the whole chain & customer experience.

That’s why I joined the Toadi order.
It’s complex. It’s economic. It’s privileged. I’m very aware.

As a digital business strategist/analyst I’m particularly good at simplifying very complex challenges to their core. I’m aware of globalization, the complex structures of the economy and running a business, and have a fascination for people’s behavior. Hence I’m probably a person you’ve never ever met before. Browse through some of my work & Let’s video-call & meet ‘in person’!

I’m a strong digital all-rounder with a mindset for moving the needle and make sure the balance between building brand versus performance isn’t skewed (too much). I had my share of advertising, building structural growth & am very aware the average marketer isn’t trained to focus on conversion, let alone, balanced with a brand-friendly type of communication. Hence I’m always open to paying it forward in terms of coaching, pep- and real talks, podcasts, and more.

I’m radically honest & have the possibility to pull some strings you might not want to hear about your business. Remember, I’m just trying to help you.

Let’s meet!
I’m always keen to meet new people & listen to their story/challenge.

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