Some of my work

Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to work with several fantastic people on amazing challenges. Below is a list of the clients I worked for in the past on behalf of the agencies I worked for.

I’ve highlighted some of them to sketch the diversity in the digital projects I’ve been a part of and made an impact as big as I could at that time. 

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  • colora & Boss Paints (e-commerce)
    • Strategic & performance consultancy (VL/WL/NDL)
    • In-depth pré, during & post corona analysis to uncover hidden potential + recommendations (100% shift to online-only)
    • Campaigning & SEO advice
    • CRO workshop & CRO program
    • SEO clean-up and realignment of the SEO keyword cluster focus & planning
  • Solyd (e-commerce)
    • Go-to-market & performance strategy (BE – VL + WL)
    • Visual & creative concept matching performance & marketing communication
    • in-depth Google Analytics & tag manager set-up
    • In-depth analysis for cost-cutting & growth recommendations
  • Marie-Marie (e-commerce)
    • Acquisition & retention performance strategy (BE – VL)
    • Strategic branding & advertising alignment (BE – VL + NDL)
      • Go-to-market redefinition (NDL)
    • In-depth analysis of growth & media planning recommendations
    • E-mail / CRM marketing: acquisition & profit focus
    • Realignment of the strategy due to corona & managed to keep 70% of total revenue by shifting from hybrid (offline first, online second) to online-only (pré-summer)
    • Realignment of the summer-sale strategy due to corona – generating more revenue and higher tickets by the end of summer to focus on multichannel marketing, while the pop-up store in Knokke never opened.
    • Realigning the audience targeting as we uncovered a new potential audience.
    • Workshops to align offline and online services and touchpoints
    • CRO workshop & CRO program
  • Molders (e-commerce)
    • Performance strategy (BE – VL) (new website)

Less recent

  • Toerisme Vlaanderen – De Vlaamse Meesters (indirect lead-gen)
    • Multi-country acquisition & marketing analytics strategy
    • Extensive Facebook Advertising & support for PR
  • A. Vogel Biohorma (e-commerce)
    • Acquisition approach Belgium matching with Media strategy & planning
    • Google Ads strategy screening + approach with Media strategy & planning
    • Facebook Ads strategy based on offline sales by pharmacists
    • Google Analytics & Google tag manager screening for HQ (NDL)
  • Viata – Online Apotheke (e-commerce)
    • Extensive Google Ads set-up
    • Extensive keyword research (210k) & SEO recommendations
    • Google Analytics set-up & monthly growth analysis for improvements + recommendations
  • Barco – Demetra (lead-gen)
    • Multi-country acquisition strategy for Demetra Launch event in Milan
    • Google Analytics tagging recommendations
  • Bel&Bo – Analytics (e-commerce)
    • Analysis of e-commerce growth & ad-spend reduction
  • Brussels Airport – Passenger Feedback taxonomy (data)
    • Taxonomy/labeling framework for passenger feedback
    • Stakeholder interviews & workshops
  • Carrefour (e-commerce)
    • In-depth SEO keyword research for stock handling & product buying based on seasonality
  • Flair (e-commerce)
    • E-commerce inspiration session for flair webshop & to connect the magazine with the shopping experience
  • Fundoo (e-commerce)
    • Go-to-market execution for 12 category e-commerce websites: SEO, SEA, Google Analytics incl. coaching the internal team
  • Gamegear (e-commerce)
    • Website optimization with CRO & A/B testing (end-to-end)
    • Loyalty program set-up & Google Analytics integration
    • SEO, Google Ads & Facebook advertising
  • JBC (e-commerce)
    • Maximizing the Axelle red campaign online
    • SEO for e-commerce coaching for the team: extensive key-word research, URL structure + dealing with seasonality
  • Jetair / Tui (e-commerce)
    • Acquisition, retention & improving CRM/E-mail marketing, resulting in a 40% attributed revenue (database at that time: +1.7mio) within 6 to 9 months
  • Lexus (lead-gen)
    • Customer Journey mapping based on Google Analytics & data to support decision making in advertising & UX improvements
  • KBC (team)
    • Helping with the digital candidate mapping (profiles and skills), to build their in-house agency
  • Torfs (e-commerce)
    • Uncovering e-mail marketing potential resulting in a potential 10% total online revenue
    • Building a fundamental approach towards segmented e-mailing together with CRM Consultant E. Laeremans (now CIO).

Track record:

  • Accent Interim: online reputation management (BE)
  • Amelior: lead generation for workshops (BE)
  • Arcelor Mittal: SEO & Analytics migration + social media basics (BE)
  • Ascento (now: Agilitas): lead generation for cleaning personnel (BE)
  • Assa-Abloy: in-depth analysis for a new lead generation acquisition and remarketing campaign (BE)
  • Binck bank: an in-depth analysis & advice on the programmatic buying campaigns (BE)
  • Bozarc: lead generation for carports (BE)
  • Braem: lead generation for secondhand trucks (AFR, FR, GER, BE & NDL)
  • Carglass: CRO – in-depth analysis & A/B testing (BE)
  • Carpool: strategic & in-depth keyword research & SEO screening (BE)
  • Cars on the web (Adesa): Domain migration due to rebranding (international – 22 countries/languages)
  • Deceuninck: SEO & domain migration (international – 17 countries)
  • De Lijn: in-depth route planner analysis + analytics workshop (BE)
  • Deleye: in-depth e-commerce analysis (BE)
  • Foamglas: e-commerce digital shift inspiration session + in-depth analytics maturity & KPI workshop, reporting & dashboarding (international – 16 countries)
  • Hans Anders: custom Google Analytics & Tag Manager tracking (BE)
  • Humo: acquisition & analytics screening (BE)
  • Isabel: project manager performance & analytics (BE)
  • Krauthammer: acquisition roadmap (DE)
  • Ladbrokes: in-depth analytics screening & recommendations (BE)
  • Laserontharing: media planning & online campaigning (BE)
  • Lathu: lead generation for staircase elevators (BE)
  • Matexi: in-depth analysis & meta-data + campaign recommendations (BE)
  • Van Gansewinkel: lead generation for dump & trash containers (BE & NDL)

Older projects described in detail.

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Besides working for several clients, I’ve helped to work on several pitches. Some were won. Some were lost. Learned a ton.


  • RSC Anderlecht: activation laid-back supporters roadmap
  • BNP: performance marketing partnership
  • Casino Carousel: pre-GDPR acquisition campaign
  • DVV Verzekeringen (Belfius): CRO – A/B testing roadmap
  • Grandeco: digital partnership (build + marketing)
  • Match: digital & e-commerce roadmap

Over the years I’ve also been sharing knowledge with different bachelor classes (Artevelde, Howest, Vives business management), VOKA Oost-Vlaanderen, and in-house education initiatives at clients.

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