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If you haven’t figured out yet what’s the challenge you’re facing,
let’s make that crystal clear before we get started.

An external view of your business can be extremely insightful. We have different backgrounds, which allows us to have a better and broader view of the current and future challenges together.

These services help you solve common e-commerce challenges.
Flexible and 100% tailored work to the needs of your business & team is possible
and is only one click away! Let’s figure that out over coffee.

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First, go through some of my work to see if some of the past projects match your challenge,
so we can have a talk in detail about your needs and how this solution could fit you as well.

The slightest piece of Intelligence going in
shall eventually lead to a Strategic, Performing, or Creative outcome.

I strongly believe the best outcome and output only can be realized by having the most honest and transparent form of information possible: margins, expectations, team capabilities, product performances, budget, and so on.

I’m a small one-man studio called Parafix.io
A company of one

Parafix: “Against fixed” – meaning: be Creative with Intelligence
.io: “the input provides the potential output”

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