E-commerce manager / Growth lead

First of all, we’ll have a few long talks to get aligned and really get down to the core of the challenges. It’s important to really understand where you want to get within a few years or what you want to build. Whether it’s the team, the website, the activation, or the retention, the total communication & visual styling, your data, or IT, … we’ll have a few open talks in a nice setting. We’ll have something to eat, something to drink. In short, a real open talk in a comfy setting. Fan of brunches? Rather have a simple coffee in your favorite café? Want to sketch already on a whiteboard and have some finger foods and a coca-cola. Lovely. Let’s do that then.

After our alignment, we make a high-level roadmap together with an outcome-based scope and maybe even a revenue target as an aim. After that, I’ll refine the roadmap & timings depending on your ambitions, your team, the overall digital maturity of the company, and your systems and tools.

My goal is to be the best possible partner/coach/sparring partner for you and every business challenge.

Requirements: at least one physical store, a revenue of 2 up to 10 million euros based on the previous year, at least one full-time marketeer in the team, and the ambition to grow your e-commerce & retail business over the next two to three years.

Fixed fee intakes: €1450
Retainer (roadmap + 6 months)
Expect marketing costs of at least €50.000 per year excluding media budget, excluding website & technology-related changes.

Other titles that might cover the job: digital business, performance strategist, marketing strategist, communication strategist, data marketer, growth marketer, …

E-commerce marketer / performance strategist

Are you a pure player (only e-commerce) and need to grow from a four up to five figure business to a six or more figure business, hit me up.

First of all, we’ll have long chat to really understand where you want to get within the next year. In short, a real open talk in a comfy setting with some coffee or a snack to get to the bottom of your challenges and focus for the next few months. After this intake, I’ll suggest an extremely practical roadmap.

Fixed fee intake: €720
Tailer made offering.

[in progress] E-commerce Architecture & Structure for Long Term SEO Impact

Starting at €7.500 (depending on the number of SKU & market)
Service lead time: 1 month.

Building an e-commerce website from scratch? In today’s competitive environment of ever-increasing costs of ad spend (more competition), it’s very important to have a good understanding of the online market (search first) and the impact this can have on your budget allocation in the future. Investing to have sustainable organic traffic AND a more effective media spend (MER – Media Efficiency Rate) over time!

Deliverable: excel + mindmaps + presentation & support/briefing for development


  • Moment #1
  • Intake #1 – We have a first chat to get to know each other + your business, values, team, plan, ambitions, …
  • Intake #2 – We go in-depth about your market, persona’s, products, …
  • Two moments to check with web development
  • Moment #1: Architectural & structural check (URI)
  • Moment #2: check before live

Practical details:

I work to deliver the best option possible and downgrade towards a practical final solution after talking to your web development

More services to come:

  • Data-informed Media Mix & Seasonality media budget allocation
  • State of your client database
  • Seasonality based & general cross-selling potential
  • Conversion revenue optimization throughout the customer journey (making the most out of your first-party data)
  • Audits of digital advertising channels, merchandising & stock handling, etc

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