A list of data related resources.

Google Tag Manager


General data related
Trending datasets requested for classification
A full glossary of data science & according subjects/matters
Library of data, studies & visualizations

Data Extracting Tools by Henk van Ess
A small tool to help you extract some basic FB data
Scraper Chrome Extension
Easy and fast scraping for smaller and specific parts of web pages

Data Handling
A very simple tool to reorder and transform data by copy paste and type the new format
Create dummy and random data for testing
Learn to handle data in Excel

Data Visualization Tools
Raw copy & paste visualization tool
Make visuals really fast by uploading a CSV or linking to a Google Spreadsheet
Upload your data & play with visuals. Publish online or get the embed code for your site
Building blocks for D3.js
Visualize your linkedin bio (just for fun)

Data Experiences Designers & Visualization Experts

“Open” Data
datasets about water, climate, forests, earth-observations and more
datasets for deep learning
datasets for machine learning
The largest discography website in the world provides a list of labels, artists, … for you to play with
The new ecosystem of Health data
Full library with links to data sets about health (probably the fullest in the world)
Organizational charts of the 50.000 largest organizations in the world
Realtime numbers of the world: population, government & economics, society & media, …
Datasets from US stats turned into API’s
Yahoo’s sandbox of data
Several datasets from Yahoo for you to play with
Public datasets gathered on a Github account
A lot of public datasets listed in one place – nice stack to play around with
Kaggle datasets & scripts
Interesting datasets & scripts uncovering insights from those datasets
The most comprehensive visualization of US public data
Mobile network coverage by provider in Belgium
Statistical information about Belgium and other countries

Paid Data
data on fuel prices as of 2005


The Verification handbook
Handbook on emergency coverage, fact checking and more by Craig Silverman (Buzzfeed) aka the guy that made us familiar with “Fake news”. Available for free online in PDF on his site, or buy the book (no affiliate link).

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