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I'm Dries.
I just rolled into this industry, 8 years ago
& I still frickin' LOVE it until this day!

I write about Building & Improving Retail, SMCG, FMCG & E-commerce in general through Connecting People, using High-End Tactics and turning Data into Possibilities.

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Sorting & Visualizing Data To Ask Better Questions

Visualizing data is something that gets lost in the rush of sorting out marketing initiatives. If you’re working in marketing, you probably recognize this scenario:

(internal) Client: “Can you give me some insights about …?”

Marketeer: “Sure, I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.”

You, the marketeer, send a few moments later an update with insights. Some screenshots rapidly dropped into an e-mail with some remarks and maybe, if you’re feeling keen at the moment, some advice to get some actions out of those insights.

Nothing wrong with this scenario. Although… You should take more time to analyze things more properly, for several reason. One of the most important reasons is that you’re not taking use of the moment to ask better questions.

Sure, you have to answer the question of your client, but NOW is the moment to ask for a little bit more time to analyze things even deeper and uncover what hasn’t been seen. It’s time to uncover your unknown competence as a Business or Marketing Analyst. Well, a simple start to get to that title ;)

Allow me to help you with this example below, with only one table with simple data and some Google Spreadsheet visualizations.

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