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I'm Dries.
I just rolled into this industry, 8 years ago
& I still frickin' LOVE it until this day!

I write about Building & Improving Retail, SMCG, FMCG & E-commerce in general through Connecting People, using High-End Tactics and turning Data into Possibilities.

Get Access to concepts & no-nonsense tactics, mostly backed by data, experience & ideas. Retailers get extra's.

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Why Snapchat Is So DAMN Interesting For Retailers

If you’re focusing on an audience in their teens, Snapchat is a channel you should consider to add to your marketing mix. Some say that you’ll find lots of millennials¬†on there as well. So.. an interesting platform to check out. The only thing I can say before you dive in, be gentle and discover the platform first, before you snap anything out to the world & your fans. Really. It’s different then all the other channels you’re used to.

If you’re not familiar with Snapchat, allow me to give you a quick history and some basics you should know to get you started.
If you’re expecting hands-on 101 advice, this is _not_ the article¬†for you. If you’re looking for a better understanding what Snapchat is, what you can do with it and some examples, than this is a article for you!
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