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Dries Bultynck

I'm Dries.
I just rolled into this industry, 8 years ago
& I still frickin' LOVE it until this day!

I write about Building & Improving Retail, SMCG, FMCG & E-commerce in general through Connecting People, using High-End Tactics and turning Data into Possibilities.

Get Access to concepts & no-nonsense tactics, mostly backed by data, experience & ideas. Retailers get extra's.

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Unuseful Visualization Of Facebook Page Posts, Likes And Comments With Gephi

Ok. First of all. I’m not an expert about this. So… the following information is a as I go with it kinda thing or tutorial even? In this article I’m trying to get more insights on my personal Facebook Page of my Record Label Orbis Records. Shout out to you who commented, liked or, even better, bought a vinyl or digital record.

Here goes nothing. Let’s dive in, shall we? Read more ➟