Dries Bultynck

Digital Business Analist / Performance Strategist

Dries Bultynck

I'm Dries.
The internet is the best thing that happened to me.
I just rolled into, "this thing", 15 years ago
& I still LOVE it until this day!

I help improving the customer experience, marketing & overall performance of
e-commerce (SMCG or FMCG, B2C or D2C) in a pure online or retail context
by moving gradually towards less media spend waste.

I help e-commerce businesses stabilizing building brand and bottom line.

I need help with my e-commerce āžŸ or with something specific


I worked for several brands

Throughout my agency and in-house experience, I've worked for several sizes of companies, several orders of budgets and all sorts of challenges.

  • • colora / Boss Paints
  • • Marie-Marie
  • • A. Vogel / Biohorma
  • • Viata online apotheek
  • • Torfs
  • • JBC
  • • Bel & Bo
  • • Carrefour
  • • Tui
  • • Lexus
  • • Medialaan (VTM)
  • • Barco (Demetra)
  • • Brussels Airport
  • • Toerisme Vlaanderen
  • And many more ...


Get in touch

by simply sending me an e-mail at dries@driesbultynck.com
or fill in the form below.

Extra: my last brain picking (all brain pickings)

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E-commerce and retail are some of the most fascinating settings one can work in. It has all the ins and outs of any business matter, any logistic challenge and a very broad range of marketing complexity. Iā€™m personally intrigued by retail, e-com and all those challenges.

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