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Don’t Benchmark E-Commerce KPI’s (like others do)

Recently, Moz published a blogpost, a guestpost actually, about KPI’s and E-commerce.
You can find it here. If you want to skip reading, I’ll give you a short recap of the post by paraphrasing some lines:

“Our industry is swimming in data (thanks Google Analytics), but at times we’re drowning in it.

Numbers without context mean nothing. Data in the hands of even the savviest marketer is useless without a context to evaluate its performance against competitors or the industry at large.

Which is why we need benchmarks. Through benchmarking, marketers can contextualise data to identify under-performing elements and amplify what is over-performing. They can focus on the KPIs that are important, and recognise whether they are achievable.

Benchmarks also give context to those who aren’t familiar with data. One pain point that digital marketers face globally is communicating their performance upwards. There are very few ‘digital natives’ sitting in company boardrooms these days but plenty of executives who know their numbers inside out.”

Totally agree on this. Context is important, but only if you go into details for tackling problems or improving what already works. The down side of the post? Again, the usual analysis by time on site, bounce rate, conversion rate. And some mobile device and other devices comparison data.

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